Quick Tips on How to Protect your Eyes

Quick Tips On How To Protect Your Eyes

Here are Some Tips on How to Protect Your Eyes

There are many things that you can do in order to maintain the health of your eyes and protect the eyesight as you become older. Here are some simple tips in this regard.

Family Health History


First, check whether one is at a higher-risk for eye infections. Is anyone in your family suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes? How is your family health history? Are you an African-American above the age of 40 years? Or, are you above the age of 65 years? If you answered yes to any of this, you are at a higher risk for eye diseases that could threaten your sight. This is where regular eye examinations come in handy. In fact, they are quite important to protect your eyesight. They will help maintain your vision and eye health over time.


Regular Eye Examinations

Regular Eye Examinations

Are you looking to maintain good vision throughout your life? If so, get regular eye examinations and care for the health of your eyes. Check for high blood pressure and diabetes as well. These conditions can affect your eyesight if left unattended for longer periods. These conditions may lead to loss of vision due to eye strokes, retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

Your Vision Consistency


Have you noticed any changes in the vision? Then, you need to see an eye doctor right now. If you find it difficult to see under low light conditions, experience double vision, or hazy vision, they are warning signs in this regard. On the other hand, if you experience red eyes, eye swelling, floaters, eye pain, and regular light flashes, you need to consult an eye doctor immediately.

Vision Research Study

Vision Research Study

A recent report released by the AAO reveals that regular exercises like walking can help reduce your risk of macular degeneration at least by 70%. Whenever you are outdoors during the daytime, you need to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays of the sun. This can help reduce the risk of pinguecula, cataracts, and so many other eye issues.

Studies reveal that antioxidants may reduce your risk of cataracts.

This is why it is important that you consume a healthy and balanced diet at all times. Eat plenty of fruits & dark-green vegetables for this purpose.

Eat fish that have omega 3 fatty acids.

Studies have revealed that this may help reduce the risk of macular degeneration. Add eye vitamins to your diet so that you get enough of these nutrients. This will help maintain your eye health in the long run. There are numerous foods that can help with eyesight – see them here.

Check your eyes every 2 years time

Getting a comprehensive exam that includes dilating the pupils will help determine the risk of eye problems such as retinopathy. In fact, this disease will not show any warning signs. On the other hand, an examination will also help determine if your contact lenses or eyeglasses are up-to-date.

 How Smoking Can Harm Your Eyesight?

Regular smokers are at a higher risk of getting eye conditions such as macular degeneration, uveitis, cataract, and other eye issues.

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