New York Arts: Marko Stout the Next Andy Warhol

Marko Stout is likely the most relevant New York artist working today- with many reporters and critics comparing the artist, his work and lifestyle to the famous Andy Warhol. Last month the Huffington Post published and articled called “Marko Stout the next Andy Warhol”. Certainly when we think about the coolest living New York artists, one of the first names to come to mind is Marko Stout- especially if you are part of the downtown New York art scene. Marko Stout is considered by many in the art community to be the quintessential New York artist, however up until very recently few outside of NYC knew his name.

This year a few high profile exhibitions and sales, has the international mainstream the art world and media have taking notice of this New York arist. Last April Marko Stout made news with his record breaking sale of his colossal female figurative sculptures to a Berlin collector and nightclub owner at the ArtExpo Show in New York City. The sale was the largest at the show and one of the biggest in the long history of the Expo. Since the show other trendy nightclubs and restaurants have turned their attention to the works of Marko Stout. Also a number of high profile articles and media mentions have contributed to the artist’s popularity. A recent article in the London Time referred to Stout as, “the coolest and most relevant American artist working today”.

Marko Stout’s artwork is a reinvention of the pop movement which was a fad in the 1960s. However, this isn’t just any regular bland reinvention of the pop art theme; Stout is nearly unpredictable; he has a very unique twist to the pop style. He portrays the tough, vigorous lifestyle of New York City using ladies as his subjects who often appear to be somewhat in pain, overwhelmed by the chaotic world sounding them all the while maintaining a chic, detached, sexy attitude of a sophisticated twenty-first century urban dweller which distinguishes his works from that of Andy Warhol.

Marko Stout has now moved beyond the local New York City art scene and is now featured in Miami, Berlin, London and other international art cities. The widespread social media buzz especially by young artists and millennial art fans along Marko Stout’s rising sales and gallery attention has many suggesting that this New York artist will become his generation’s next Andy Warhol.

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