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There are certain accessories that are absolute staples in one’s wardrobe. For instance you may own a tennis bracelet that was passed down to you by your grandmother, or you may have a lucky pair of earrings that you wore on graduation day. Watches are one of those jewellery items that many people own as a staple piece in their wardrobe and everyone has their own taste or preference for which watch becomes their first pick.

I had yet to own my signature watch until I discovered this gorgeous watch brand called Willow Stile Co from Australia. I always strayed away from watches because they seemed to age me or make me look like I have man hands. If you are in the market for your first ever watch or you simply want to add to your collection definitely check out this site. They have a wide variety of modern styles for both men and women with over twenty interchangeable straps.

I think the best thing about owning a watch with interchangeable straps is that the watch becomes completely versatile. We can’t all just buy watches casually everyday since usually they are more of an investment piece, therefore having one base and switching up the style with different straps based on your outfit is a lot more efficient.

Willow Stile Co really impressed me, not only do they have gorgeous styles that fit with today’s modern trends while not loosing that classic watch vibe, but they also have a realistic price point. If you order from them you will be receiving a high quality jewellery item for a fraction of what regular retailers are selling. Not only that but the watch can become a bunch of watches if you decide to get other straps. I loved the mesh detail of the ‘Siena Rose Mesh’, it’s extremely modern and flattering on the wrist.

I dress my watch up or down and it’s the perfect simple accessory that doesn’t over do it. One of my favourite ways to wear it is with a loose boyfriend or band tee and some skinny jeans or I dress it up by pairing it with a feminine lace mini dress and some heels. You can wear this watch alone or get a little sassy with it and create a fun arm stack. Did I mention that Willow Stile Co sends you small gift with purchase? It’s the small details that really make a difference!

If you are looking for a gift for someone in your life  I would highly recommend checking out this site, it’s a luxurious yet affordable gift idea for either men or women. I might just pick up the all black mesh for my hubby…I like forcing him to match me! If you are ordering for a birthday or holiday and you think it might be too late, don’t even worry about it,  I was shocked by how fast my watch came in the mail especially considering it made the trip all the way from Australia to Canada!

I will be rocking this bad boy for the rest of my life…I finally have my signature watch!

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