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I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and preparing to start the new year in great spirits. I want to personally introduce you to a brand that is known for their Genuine luxury called Ashana.B. This is a cosmetic beauty brand that uses organic raw materials which are hand-selected to create our everyday products.

With the help of research and technology we are learning more and more everyday the importance of living an organic lifestyle when it comes to our nutrition and eating habits, but do we know the importance of using organic exterior products?
This is the real question. Essentially what we apply to our hair and skin is just as important as what we consume into the body so let’s take some notes from the experts and go organic all the way!

Ashana.B. is giving us the revolution we desperately need by proving us with a cosmetic line that is free of chemicals. The product line includes all your skin and hair must have products such as: facial cream, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, aftershave balm and more.

The Ashana.B beauty products are uniquely crafted by French laboratories and exclusively made with premium organic ingredients such as Shea butter, Mango butter, Aloe Vera, Black soap, Baobab oil and Castor oil as well as many others.

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With Ashana.B PARIS, the goal is achieving authentic luxury with  organic beauty products while respecting the environment. Ashana.B is always looking for ways to minimize the negative impact that can harm the planet as well as wildlife which is something that is truely respectable.  After only one year on the market, Ashana.B PARIS received the vegan and cruelty-free label by PETA, along with their first award by a reputable French and Belgium organization rewarding the brand for its top quality beauty products with great health benefits.

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