The Most Popular Pajama Styles For Men

Typically, men’s pajamas are made up of two separate pieces – a button-down top and a pair of loose, comfortable pants. They can be made from a variety of different fabrics, ranging from cotton to silk. Although this style is generally the most popular option, there are other choices out there.

For instance, some men – myself included – prefer to wear nightshirts. Although these traditional sleeping garments may seem a little bit old-fashioned, they can be both practical and comfortable. During the summer months, boxers are a great option since they keep you from overheating when you sleep. One-piece pajamas, which are usually referred to as onesies, can also be a fun option. My kids gave me a onesie last year that is designed to look like a Superman costume. Personally, I love it. My wife, on the other hand, is a bit more skeptical about the look.

For me, nothing is better than putting on a pair of pajamas when I am relaxing at home. Out in the world, I always dress appropriately. Inside my home, however, I would much rather be comfortable than fashionable. In fact, I probably wear pajamas more than any other item of clothing when I am at home.

You can find pajamas that are designed for every season of the year, ranging from cozy flannel pajamas to lightweight satin or linen sleeping shorts. Check out the following list of some of the most popular styles that you can choose from:

Two-Piece Pajama Sets

Two-piece pajama sets are usually the go-to option for most men. Each set is usually made up of a pair of loose pants that have an elastic waist or a drawstring and a button-down top with a lapel. There are many different fabric choices available ranging from casual options like linen or cotton to more luxurious fabrics like satin or silk. For men who want a little bit more style, there is also the option of getting a set of monogram pajamas or pajamas that have their family crest embroidered on them.

Traditional Nightshirts

If you are looking for comfort, a nightshirt is a great option. These traditional knee-length garments are loose and flowing, allowing you to move freely while you sleep. Typically, you put them on by pulling them over your head. Depending on the design of the nightshirt, there may be several buttons at the neckline that you can leave buttoned or unbuttoned, depending on your preferences. Nightshirts are usually made from natural, breathable fabric such as cotton. The only thing to keep in mind if you are planning on wearing a nightshirt is that you should always pay attention to how you are sitting for modesty’s sake. Alternatively, you can also wear shorts or boxers underneath to provide a little bit more coverage.

One-Piece Pajamas

One-piece pajamas, which are better known as onesies, are a cozy, comfortable choice. They are similar in style to the pajamas that you see on small babies. The primary difference is that they don’t have enclosed feet. Instead, they end at the ankles. If you prefer, you can also find onesies that have attached feet.

Typically, these pajamas have a zipper or a series of buttons on the front, allowing them to be opened from the neck down to the waist. This makes it easy to put them on or take them off. The top and the pants are connected, creating a one-piece option that won’t ride up or fall down, making them comfortable for sleeping.

Casual Pajama Sets

Nearly as popular as traditional two-piece pajamas, casual pajama sets usually are made up of a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or underwear. You can find a variety of different styles. Some are casual whereas others are a bit dressier. If you want, you can even find pajamas that include the logo of your favorite sports team.


Also sometimes referred to as dressing gowns, robes provide a practical way to cover up when you are not sleeping. You can wear them on their own or over pajamas. Typically, they open in the front and are held together with a belt that is tied at the waist. Add a pair of slippers such as these from Sole Traders for full comfort.

Pajama Fabric Choices

Silk pajamas are the epitome of luxury. When compared to cotton, however, silk is not quite as practical. For one thing, it doesn’t do as good of a job of absorbing moisture. Even though it might feel cool when you first put it on, it can wind up trapping heat next to your body. Additionally, it is difficult to care for. Typically, you will need to have it dry cleaned rather than washing it in your regular washing machine. Cotton pajamas, on the other hand, are lightweight, breathable, highly absorbent, and easy to clean, making them a more versatile option.

Another thing to keep in mind if you opt for silk or satin pajamas is that you may find yourself sliding around in your bed. This can be especially problematic if you also have silk sheets. Of course, it is not a deal breaker. It is something to keep in the back of your mind, however, when you are shopping for pajamas. You may find that cotton pajamas provide you with a better night’s sleep.

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