Some Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Guy

Treat him to a Valentine’s gift with these great ideas for your man.

A Subscription To Sprezzabox

The subscription box trend started in toiletries and it’s exploded into a lot of different niches. Men’s fashion hasn’t been left out, and Sprezzabox offers a particularly handy selection of accessories, essentials (e.g. socks and ties), and grooming products. A Sprezzabox subscription will be especially appropriate if your guy needs to dress up a bit for his job.

A Turntable

Vinyl records are making a comeback. Of course, serious audiophiles would say they never went away! If you’re shopping for an audiophile and have a little money to burn on Valentine’s day, consider giving him the gear he needs to go analog! U-Turn is an ideal place to shop for turntables, and they sell decent models for as little as $179.

A Gaming Headset

This option is kind of a gift for both of you if your guy is a late-night gamer. Modern online games require plenty of teamwork, and the best way to get everybody on the same page is with audio communication. A quality headset will keep the sounds of gaming contained and still allow your man to issue instructions just when his teammates need them.

A Shaving Set

Skin care is something that a lot of guys could pay more attention to. If you want to encourage your fella to take a little more care with his stubble maintenance, investing in a quality shaving set is a great way to start. With premium options – Harry’s shaving set is an excellent example – you can make your gift a little more personal by getting your man’s initials engraved in the set.

A Little Greenery

It’s the 21st century, and there’s no rule that says plants are only suitable gifts for girls. Why not brighten your man’s workspace with a healthy, low-maintenance air plant? It’s a gift that’s easy to appreciate and it will probably go down as something unique.

Amazon Echo

Indulge your fella with a hot tech gift that won’t cost an arm and a leg. The Echo Dot from Amazon is a home base for the company’s virtual assistant Alexa. It can handle everything from fetching the latest sports scores to playing your favorite music, and it’s all voice-activated.

Beard Trimmer

The great thing about getting your guy a beard trimmer is that he benefits and so do you. A beard trimmer ensures he looks tidy, feels good about himself and is also a great gift. You also get to look at the outcome – (@)wisebeards has a good selection reviewed.

Levis 511

If you’d like to see your man sporting a fresh look on Valentine’s Day, why not give him a new pair of jeans? 511s are a great compromise between a stylish look and a comfortable fit, making these jeans a present that you can both enjoy.

A New Work Bag

This flexible work bag can be carried in three ways thanks to its leather handles, backpack straps, and shoulder strap. The commuter briefcase from Topo Designs is made by hand in Colorado from the highest quality materials.

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