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Anyone else as obsessed with lingerie as I am? I love walking through Victoria’s Secret and admiring all the beautiful bras, panties, sleepwear, and loungewear. I mean they make it look so pretty! I don’t know about you but I feel way more confident, comfortable and strong when I’m wearing cute or sexy undergarments. So especially when It came to my first time looking for nursing bras I was willing to dish out a little more in order to find the perfect nursing bra, something practical yet beautiful. I was definitely not willing to go down the flesh toned, no support nursing bra route.

I found a brand that HANDMAKES some of the most beautiful bras/nursing bras that I’ve ever seen and the price still beats a lot of big company prices. Rosalie Wynne Intimates is a brand that is creating intimates that fit every woman’s unique body. What’s nice about this particular brand is that they personally take your measurements in order to find the perfect fit for any bust size/body type. So, you are absolutely confident when ordering their stunning pieces! I love supporting smaller businesses because you’re not just supporting some million-dollar company, you are supporting a real person’s life and passion.

I decided to go with a nursing bra as I will be breastfeeding my second child very soon (due date is beginning of June). I love the blue lace detail of the ‘Skyla Nursing Bra’, the delicate fabric is comfortable and breathable and it still supports nursing pads if you were wondering! The straps are thick and when I first felt them I thought they would be uncomfortable or dig into my skin, but I was surprised to find after wearing it for a little bit that they are actually very soft against the skin and overall support.

I’m really excited to wear this nursing bra for my second breastfeeding journey, It will be nice having something a little more breathable for the Summer months. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel sexy in a gorgeous, handmade bra? Motherhood is a roller coaster and I think it’s important to take time making yourself feel pretty, it will brighten your mood and give you the strength and confidence to raise a family like a #girlboss. Actually, this can be said about any woman; take care of yourself, do things that make you feel good. You deserve it and you are worth it!

I’m really thankful to have found a brand that’s empowering women to feel good about themselves in sexy yet functional lingerie. You will not regret checking out

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