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Hi Beauties! I hope your all enjoying this beautiful weather so far. I heard it’s going to be one hot Summer this year! I’m currently in nesting mode, I’m preparing for the baby to arrive anytime now. It’s been hard being pregnant during this humid weather, I’m always sweating or swelling and constantly struggling to find something to wear…all I can tell myself is that it’s almost over and soon enough I’ll be able to wear my denim cutoffs again.

Last Summer I had a 5-month-old, and this summer I will have a 17-month-old and a newborn…that’s just crazy, but I’m also really excited! Having only had experience with a Winter baby, this is going to feel like a totally new experience. Like, what do I do with a newborn in the Summer? All I know is I will probably be sweating from having a baby attached to me 24/7 and I’ll also be spending every day at the park or on our patio just to keep my toddler entertained!

After leaving the hospital with my son for the first time we used a protective car seat cover to shield him from the freezing temperature, harsh light and snow/rain. It was weatherproof on the outside and had a super warm and fuzzy interior which kept him super warm…no wonder he would fall asleep in seconds once we were in the car.

This time though, I will not be using that cover because it’s way too warm outside and I don’t think the baby will need that intense of a cover. I was on the hunt for a new car seat cover because I remember how much we used ours last time. I’d cover my son if we were walking outside or if we were inside and he needed darkness to sleep or simply transporting him from the car to the indoors. I was lucky enough to come across the perfect car seat cover by Milk Snob. Not only is it a car seat cover, it can also act as a nursing cover (yes!), shopping cart cover, high chair cover and swing cover. You could honestly use this versatile cover for swaddling, as a blanket or even a DIY changing pad if you really needed to! They have some really cute designs to choose from, I like to keep things neutral so I went with a classic black and cream striped print, but if you love florals, Disney, or unique artistic designs they have something for everyone!

The material of these Milk Snob covers is amazing, they are super soft and the perfect level of lightweight, plus they are nice and stretchy to fit any car seat, shopping cart, high chair, or swing, plus there is lots of room for you and baby to nurse comfortably. So now rather than use my thick Winter car seat cover I have a perfectly appropriate cover to use. I’m so happy that I have this cover to use with my little Summer baby, I already know it’s going to be a staple for our family.

If you are having a baby in relatively warm weather conditions or knows someone who is I would highly recommend the Milk Snob baby cover, it’s more than just a cover and it’s the perfect size and material. I’m always so thankful for modern baby brands like Milk Snob because they make parenting look cool and stylish!

Let me know which design is your fav and check out for more information and pictures!




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