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I absolutely love discovering products that help make parenting, specifically being a Mommy a little bit easier. I’ve been a mom for a little over 6 months now and I have to say, there are so many baby products out there…some necessary and some that families can choose to live without. One baby product that I do believe is necessary as a mom of one, and more so if you have multiple children is a baby carrier. Going out to events, cleaning the house or caring for a very needy baby (Mine likes to be close to me all the time) is made possible and made easier by using a baby carrier. There are so many on the market currently and most can be pretty pricey, so when purchasing you’ve got to make sure the carrier you choose is both practical and comfortable, oh and it also helps when it looks nice too!

After doing some research and trying out various carriers myself I finally found one that has everything I need. The Miamily HIPSTER PLUS 3D Baby Carrier has become my new holy grail baby product! The level of thought and intelligence that went into the design and all the features is amazing and it is THE most comfortable carrier I have used to date. I’m a pretty petite gal so carrying a 20lb baby on a daily 2 mile walk, walking around a mall or downtown on the weekends, and yes even going on hikes in the Gatineau hills can take it’s toll on my lower back, but with this carrier the pressure has actually been relieved and I barely feel like I’m carrying anything at all! Aside from the comfort, this bad boy is also practical for basically every sort of outing. If you don’t want to carry around a diaper bag, you can fit a bottle, diapers and wipes in the carriers front pouch. You’re already carrying your baby, you shouldn’t have to carry around a diaper bag at the the same time! Also, if your baby needs to have a nap while your out and about there is a convenient head rest that allows baby to relax and sleep comfortably while you run your errands or finish up your hike.

I am wearing the Hipster Plus 3D Baby Carrier in Stone Grey. It helps that this carrier comes in a variety of neutral colours which work on both Mom and Dad. I use to feel sort of self-conscious about wearing my baby while we were out, but now I actually feel comfortable and low key kinda cool! Speaking of cool, wearing a baby this close to your body in the sweltering Summer heat can cause some very noticeable sweat stains on your shirt, but again Mia Mily kills it on the design game by providing a breathable opening for baby to feel some air going through their back.

If I were to talk about all the features that this baby carrier has I think this post would end up being a novel! I would highly recommend checking out MiaMily for a ton of information, pictures and videos. I am so very impressed by this product and I highly recommend trying one out at your local Buy Buy baby, they are now available there for purchase which is great if you wanted to try it out in person before purchasing. It is a little bit of an investment, but it is so worth it as it will make your life a lot easier and it will save your back from serious pain and possible injury in the future.

I hope you and your babies enjoy!

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