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I hope you are all having an amazing week! I am so excited that it’s February, for some reason I really love this month. I’m not some Valentine’s day enthusiast or anything, maybe it’s just that I love chocolate and heart shaped gummies! If you are looking for Valentine’s day gift ideas or you need an idea of what to wear underneath your V-day dress, I’ve got you covered.

Who doesn’t love buying/receiving a sexy lingerie set? A luxurious set of lingerie can make any woman feel just a little bit stronger and a little bit sexier. When it comes to Valentine’s day your significant other may be struggling to find the perfect gift for you, if they are…maybe you should send them this post! Even if you are spending the love holiday “alone”, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself either right?

I recently discovered this amazing brand called Lounge Underwear on Instagram, they offer both sexy and sporty styles that are extremely comfortable, I’m not exaggerating here they make me want to throw away all my other underwear and wear the same bra and panties for the rest of my life! These undergarments give you insane levels of comfort and softness without compromising how they look, who knew sporty and sexy could co-exist so perfectly?I was pleasantly surprised by the fit, especially the bra. Most bras without an underwire don’t give you much lift, but these do! If you are on the hunt for some quality undergarments I would seriously recommend checking out their site. You will most likely end up with a set in your cart by the end of your visit.

I am the kinda girl who has to wear cute underwear…I know that might be weird, but it’s like a superpower or something. When I found this brand I knew they’d become a staple in my life…and of course now I’m totally hooked! I was so shocked by not only the fit, comfort and style, but by how fast it arrived as well.

I’m wearing the white triangle bra and thong set, I love the contrasting black and white colors on this set, it offers such a chic look. I love that I can wear an off the shoulder top or a see through top and this bra wouldn’t look trashy, it can kind of pass for a cute bralette peaking through. They have added such cute styles on their site, some of my ¬†faves are the grey leggings and the red lace bra and panty.

Do you ever just want to lounge (pun intended) around the house yet still feel sexy? I’m a stay at home mom and even though I don’t always have an occasion to dress up I still wanna be cute and flirty when my hubby gets home! I wear my lounge underwear set with leggings or sometimes I even wear my husbands dress shirts over top.

Check out Lounge Underwear on Instagram to see all their different styles on different body types and if you want to ask for something or just buy something for yourself this Valentines day check out their website.


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