Lollipop Baby Camera

I can be quite picky when it comes to buying new products. I always like to read reviews, watch demo videos, and check out blog posts that will help me make my decision. I learned from my husband that sometimes you need to invest a little bit more in order to have things that are nice, useful, good quality and most of all, something that will last. I mean there’s no point in buying something if you have to keep re-buying it everytime it breaks or doesn’t meet all your needs, right?

I was seeing Lollipop Baby Camera all over my Instagram feed and they immediately sparked my interest. I was so impressed with the idea of a baby camera actually attaching to a crib rather than having to set it up on a whole other surface. I love the flexibility, easily move it from here to there without a big hassle. I could have sworn I dreamt of this idea before, but I’m so glad someone actually made it happen because this baby camera is by far the best I’ve used!

The camera itself is actually so adorable. I mean, it looks like a giant lollipop! Everyone loves a well-decorated nursery, but this is actually the first baby cam I’ve seen be cute enough to accessorize a room with. It comes in three beautiful colors, so there is something for everyone. It’s also packaged impeccably when I received it I compared the packaging to that of an iPhone or a Google Home. Everything was sleek, simplistic, organized and extremely easy to put together/set up.

Since we are the “tech” generation it’s so smart and easy to have your phone be the monitor. All you do is download an app and set up your options the way you like, from that point forward you can watch your baby, speak to them, play them music, get notifications about when they are crying or when the environment has become too loud. I can’t tell you how much easier it is just reaching for my phone in the middle of the night, no more worrying about where I misplaced the monitor because it’s literally always with me.

I was shocked by how good the camera quality was, even at night you can see every detail of your baby’s face and their surroundings. Our last camera looked like a horror movie at night, I could barely see what was on that tiny monitor screen. The wide lens is also really nice if your baby tends to move around a lot during the night.

There are no cons to this baby camera for me, everything was so well thought out and created with detail and quality. I’m so happy to add this to my collection of baby products I would absolutely recommend!

Check out Lollipop Camera for more information and to pick one up for yourself! This would also make a really great baby shower gift, any mommy would love to receive a baby camera that gives them peace of mind!

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