I am so excited to write this post because I have to tell you guys about some revolutionary baby products that I’ve recently discovered. One in particular has completely changed my mommy life, in that it’s made feeding my son and future baby a heck of a lot easier and efficient.

Ok, let’s talk. Baby Brezza is a brand that is constantly improving and renewing their items to fit the needs of moms and babes everywhere. They have all sorts of baby items that will lift the burden of fear when it comes to being a first-time parent.

The first product of theirs that I decided to try out was the One Step Baby Food Maker Complete. Let me just tell you, you need this bad boy. If you are a mom of 1, 2 or 19 children I am sure having a one-step baby food processor will help you out ALOT. Basically, this is exactly what it sounds like, no need to steam and blend separately anymore…now you can use one machine to get two jobs done. All you do is cut, peel and core your choice of fruits or veggies, fill the water tank and press on. Yes, yes that’s it. They also include pouches for you to fill up and bring on the go to feed your baby healthy purees with ingredients that you recognize. Such a genius idea I wish I came up with it myself!

They also recently came out with new and improved baby bottles! I was excited to hear about these especially since I have struggled to find a bottle that works. Newborns are especially picky about bottles if they are used to getting milk from the boob. The Baby Brezza baby bottles have a nipple-like design, they have an easy to hold shape and a vent system. These are important factors for baby especially when they are more sensitive and prone to colic and spitting up. They also have different sized bottles and nipples for any stage that your baby may be in. Another really good find, and the only bottle my baby will drink from comfortably.

I’m so happy to be able to tell you guys about these products because I want to help make your life as a parent just a little bit easier!

Find out more at BABYBREZZA.COM



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