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How many hair tools do you guys currently own? If I’m being totally honest I own about 5 different hair tools, now maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot to some people, or maybe your thinking “what does this girl possibly need 5 different hair tools for?!” I’m sort of a hair fanatic; I love having long hair, I love curling my hair, and I spend way too much time conditioning my hair with coconut oil, fresh avocado and other household items. I could go the rest of my life without wearing makeup, but my hair? It’s gotta be done!

So naturally I had to try out the Tyme Iron! This company went above and beyond to create a single hair tool that can create endless styles in the shortest about of time! They created a genius hair product that combines intelligence, efficiency and style. The iron has a “twist” design that does the work of curling, straightening, and waving for you. What makes this tool different from the others is that rather than using tension or even just heat alone to create the desired style, it uses a heating and cooling technology that makes for healthier curls in less time!

The tool itself is just beautiful, this is the kind of hair tool that I don’t mind having sit on my vanity. It’s this beautiful champagne color with gold plated titanium heated plates, and by setting it down on the respective guidelines you avoid burning yourself or any surface you place it on. Besides the fact that this bad boy can create endless styles in minutes, I think one of my favorite aspects is the fact that it heats up in UNDER one minute! It flashes until it’s fully heated and ready to go and after that depending on your hair type you can have your hair done anywhere between 8-20 minutes, and for a thick, long hair gal like myself that is undeniably impressive! Rather than attempt to explain how I use my Tyme Iron I filmed a little demo video for you to check out!

My favorite way to use the Tyme Iron is to create soft wavy curls, but I also use it to straighten my very frizzy, poofy, unruly curly hair. I use to have to straighten my hair and then curl it, which would sometimes take a full day…I seriously had to take breaks! But now even straightening takes me less than 30 minutes. Since getting the Tyme Iron I honestly haven’t used a curling iron in over a month…I just can’t go back to sitting on my bedroom floor for thirty something minutes waiting for each piece of hair to get curled! My husband is so impressed with how fast I do my hair now, sometimes I’m even ready before he is!

If you are a mommy, a student, a busy working professional, or simply a hair fanatic like myself then for the sake of your time please check out the Tyme Iron, you wont be disappointed!

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