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Summer has actually been a nice break for me. Mainly because there are countless events, special occasions and anniversaries that I celebrate with my loved ones throughout the Fall and Winter months. One in particular that’s coming up is my two year wedding anniversary. How has it been two years since I got hitched? I will never know.

Every year my anniversary (including dating anniversaries here) brings a lot of anticipation and expectation, maybe it’s because my hubby takes his only vacation of the year and we both want it to be awesome. Whatever the reason, I always have the daunting task of finding him the perfect gift. Let me tell you, he is not an easy man to shop for. Not because he’s picky and not because I don’t know his style, but more so because if he wants something he’ll usually just get it for himself. Me on the other hand, I’m constantly talking about all the things I want, but am too cheap to actually buy myself.

I was so excited when I found Tree Hut Design!

Their products are exactly my husbands taste and style. Everything is made using a beautiful wood material, making the products look rustic, elegant, and cool without trying too hard. The watches are perfect for an anniversary gift because you have the option of engraving a heartfelt message of the back of it. I like how subtle that feature is, especially because men don’t usually wear their heart on their sleeves, if you know what I mean.

I also love the sunglasses with wooden accents, these are the type of gift that will get the receiver a lot of compliments and they are also a really good conversation piece. The quality of these gifts are impressive and there is something more casual and wearable about wooden accented accesories.

If you have no clue what to get your partner, brother, father, grandfather, boss or any other man in your life for some upcoming occasion or holiday, check out Tree Hut Design for unique gift ideas.



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