Being currently 20 weeks pregnant for the second time I am pretty experienced in dressing a baby bump. Although I’m still able to fit into my jeans right now, I know the day is coming sooner than I may think when I can no longer button my jeans up!

Last time I was pregnant I pretty much lived in leggings, it helped out a lot that my son was due in January so for the entire 3rd trimester (when my bump was at it’s biggest) I didn’t really miss out on wearing jeans because it was cold outside and everyone else wears leggings in the winter too.

I’m so excited to use/share a product that I think all pregnant women will really appreciate! The maeband is a band that you can attach to any pair of jeans or pants you own that have belt loops and it gives you that extra room to comfortably wear jeans while pregnant. They have 3 sizes and multiple colors to match light or dark denim.

I tried them out on some pants that are snug and it works wonders! All you have to do is attach the Maeband by it’s velcro straps to your belt loops and style it with your favorite loose top (I like to make sure my shirt is long enough to cover the top of my pants).

If you are pregnant the Maeband may save you lots of money on maternity jeans, plus regular jeans are much better than maternity aren’t they? Well, I think so. Check them out here:

Hope you’re all having a great week so far!



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