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Back to school has come and gone, and you know what that means… Fall fashion is here! If you’ve been to the shops lately you’ve probably noticed that the Summer stuff is in the back of the store on sale and all the Fall clothing and accessories are the main attraction now. I love Fall fashion so much, therefore I am really excited to wear cozy booties, jackets and scarves again.

At the beginning of each season I like to discover/try out one new shop, whether that’s online or not. Laura’s Boutique is my new OBSESSION! They literally have the cutest clothing, shoes and accessories all for the most insane prices! If you are currently on the hunt for some school/work outfits, I truly recommend checking out their site. They have an amazing selection of bodysuits, high-waisted jeans, comfortable dresses and staple jackets.

I put together some comfy and casual outfits to show you guys how versatile their clothes are, they are the perfect basics to have in your closet and they mix and match with a lot of items you probably already own.

The first outfit features this adorable white top. I have way too many white tops, but they are a staple in my wardrobe and I think white really complements my skin and hair (pick colors and styles that flatter you and you will get more use out of your clothes). The simple ruffle detail and off the shoulder are great to transition into fall, plus the fit is perfect.

The second outfit is perfect for all those Fall outings that are coming up; picking up a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte), visiting a pumpkin patch, going on a haunted hayride. I love the black and white gingham print paired with black mid-rise jeans and booties. This is such a simple look, but it looks like you tried way harder than you did.

The third look is simple yet confortable. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with bodysuits…they are just so easy! No need to worry about tucking in long shirts and they suck you in really well. You’ll be happy to know that this one from Laura’s Boutique unclips in the middle for easy washroom access. The red bodysuit really pops against these high waisted jeans, also from Laura’s Boutique. Ps. these are some of the most comfortable and strechy jeans I have ever owned, they are my new fav.

Last but certainly not least is this fiery red dress. The fabric, the cut, the color, the length, and the price make this dress a true winner. I picked a sleevless dress on purpose because I knew it would be most versatile. You can wear it super simple with sneakers in the summertime, pair it with a leather jacket in the Fall, and even wear a cropped sweater over it in the Winter. I’m also really into red for the cooler seasons, but it works great in the warmer months too!

I hope you are all having a great Fall so far!



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