Holiday Hairstyles to Try

Yes ladies, that time of year is fast approaching and what better time to try different styles than the Holidays! Today we are suggesting 5 Holiday hairstyles to spice up your holiday look all of which can be achieved at home or at our go-to salon Enhance Styling.

  1. Messy Chignon- This is a great style to rock with an open back type of dress or jumpsuit. The key to this look is to keep it messy and fuss free. Don’t worry about grabbing perfect sections or smoothing fly-aways. The looser, the better. 


  1. Half up Fishtail Braid- This bohemian inspired hairstyle isn’t only meant for Coachella and the summer months. If you plan to rock a maxi floral print this is a fantastic hairstyle to pull off.



3. Curly Twist– This is a timeless look that is also quite fuss free. If you have naturally curly hair, half the work is done, if not, you start by curling your hair then twist into a messy bun and bobby pin until secured. Very appropriate for office type parties.


  1. Play up your texture- Whether you have curly or straight hair, spray some sea salt and let your hair air-dry. Once hair is fully dry take a 1-inch curling iron and polish up a few pieces. The trick is to make sure not to curl the entire head. The messier the better.

5. A voluminous Blowout– When all else fails, a good blow-dry can sure make a girl feel glamorous. A great tip is to dry the hair with head upside down to create initial volume, and then section off the hair and blow dry with a rolling brush.


If you decide to let the experts at Enhance Styling handle your hair for the Holidays you will be in great hands. We suggest you sit back and let them enhance your natural beauty by providing you with a customised hairstyle to showcase your inner beauty. The talented senior stylists pride themselves on delivering cutting edge service with regular technique training, industry experience from all corners of the world and exposure to worldwide style updates, which continue to keep them at the top of their field.



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