Have you experienced Capri Blue?


Are you always on the hunt for Instagramable products? Are you one of the many candle crazed millennials of our generation? Yeah? Okay cool, me too. Candles are the perfect home decor piece because they look nice sitting on your coffee table and they provide a sense of comfort, warmth, and pleasing aroma.

Capri Blue knows what they are doing when It comes to candles, fashion and home decor as a whole. They’ve innovatively combined the three to bring us some of the most uniquely scented candles with modern designs. They have many different collections that can appeal to every sort of fashionista and they are the perfect conversation piece.

To me, candles create experiences and memories. A singe smell can bring you back to a time and place you either hated or loved. A scent can make you feel sexy, edgy, sweet, shy, or everything all at the same time. Whatever you’re feeling or experiencing I’m sure Capri Blue will have a candle that perfectly suits you.

Honestly I’m just obsessed. Their website is low-key pretty addicting to look at because it feels like you can decorate your home or give a gift that really says something about who you are or the person your giving it to. Capri Blue also offers lotions, soaps, diffusers and sprays if you are totally scent obsessed.

I have a candle from the Gilded Muse collection which I would describe as an elegant, modern, fashionable candle that is the perfect accent to any sophisticated space. What’s cool about these candles is that it can be or feel anyway you want it to. The scent is Exotic Blossom and Basil which is a light and refreshing scent, I would totally reccomend it if you love understated, sort of subtle aromas.

Make sure to check them out at www.carpi-blue.com. 



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