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Calling all mommies out there! No, not just mommies..calling all daddies, friends of mommies, grandparents, pets, anyone who may know a mom or mom-to-be please send them this post!

There are some baby products out there that I honestly think are unnecessary, I mean, is a wipe warmer a true necessity or simply a baby luxury? My husband and I like to consider ourselves minimalists, or at least we’re trying to be. So when it came to shopping for our baby we tried our best to weed out the baby luxuries and focus mainly on basic needs, for example a crib, a changing pad, a bouncer, diapers…diapers are definitely a basic need!

When I first heard of the Dock A Tot I wasn’t sure if it was a baby luxury or a basic need, It looked fancy and it was something I never heard of my parents using when I was a baby. Well, now that I’ve used this bad boy for a little over two months I am confident in telling you that it is not only a need, but a lifesaver! I am officially obsessed with this thing and I will be telling every person I meet about this wonderful product!

So here’s the rundown, Dock a Tot is a company that created a multi-functional dock where your baby between the ages of 0-36 months can safely and comfortably rest, play, snuggle and chill. The Dock A Tot is portable, comes in two sizes, it’s breathable and the best part? It’s super easy to clean. I think the reason this product is such a success is because the thought process behind the product itself is exceptional. I’m sure you know that babies love and need to feel snuggled and secure, that is why transitioning them from co-sleeping or a bassinet to a spacious crib is sometimes extremely difficult. Well, now thanks to the Dock A Tot you can make that transition much smoother by giving your baby a place where they feel safe…other than your arms of course!

My baby boy spent a good 2 weeks or so sleeping in our room…now? He’s all by himself in his crib in a completely separate room! We placed our Dock A Tot inside the crib and every night he’s down to waking up only once or twice! Not only that but I love that I can bring it with me into any room and whether I’m doing laundry or getting ready my little dude can play safely beside me and I don’t have to worry! We also bring it to our parent’s houses so that while we are hanging out with family, baby can sleep or chill and still feel like we’re at home.

Think about this, your baby has spent nine months basically “snuggling” you and feeling extremely close to you. When they come out into the world it can be a bit shocking as they have to get use to being on their own for the first time ever. The Dock A Tot can make this transition for baby SO much easier and I know that will make any momma very, very happy!

If you haven’t already, go check them out here:



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